New Music from the Sound Diary

Prometheus Inspired

18 Jun 2015

Exactly as the title says.  A bit of fun at the end of a session some weeks ago.

Play the trailer from Prometheus and tell me if you think the soundtrack works.

Inspired or not?

Storm in a Teacup

18 Jun 2015

Something for a rainy day.

Performed and improvised live at a show recorded a little bit later. Monique Brumby on words, me on the piano.  

Happy Listening!

For Michael

24 Oct 2014

Finally some music! This piece I've been fooling around with for weeks.. in fact since my friend Michael Shephard passed away. I haven't had time to commit to the music but a few moments ago there was a break in traffic.

It's like a big thick harmonic mess, it's strong, it's fun, it's deep, although its a herald, its not snappy, its warm. Michael was the warmest bloke I ever did know and he'd envelop you with his voice and his ideas and yep his norti-ness!

Music - Portfolio Sample