New Music from the Sound Diary

Love to Share

19 Mar 2013

Love to Share Food is a new TV show for Channel 10 about food & sharing recipes. My friend Angela Catterns helped me write the words and the track was sung by another talented mate Janet Siedel.  We had fun - writing words about food, finding things to say about eating and sharing with the help of a Winehouse inspired musical backing.  

Voltage - Music for Dance

19 Mar 2013

I was priveleged to have worked with the incredibly talented Larissa McGowan on her work new Dance pieceTranducer for TasDance last year. 

Transducer, uses the notion of energy conversion as inspiration; the bodies of the dancers are held in a supercharged bond, neither touching nor apart invoking an inescapable physical connection. It was an incredible experience for me as a composer.  Always fantastic to SEE the music when dancers perform.

Persons of Interest

19 Mar 2013

Last year I worked with Hadyn Keenan on a 4 part documentary series called Persons of Interest.  This is the opening title music.

Persons of Interest is the story of Australia’s secret history. Each week a ‘Person of Interest’ will be presented with their own previously secret ASIO file and asked to show us through it and explain the allegations in it. From the personal to the downright absurd, the files are a dark biography of each Person of Interest and a unique history of dissent in Australia.

Music - Portfolio Sample